Does Car Insurance Cover Me While Driving in Other Countries?

When traveling abroad, one of the most common questions is, “Does car insurance cover me while driving in other countries?” Many domestic policies do not extend coverage to other countries. However, you can purchase international auto insurance. International policies provide coverage for certain countries and are flexible. You can even choose to use the same policy for both domestic and international travel. For more information, visit to get a free quote.

Most countries require drivers to carry auto insurance, but some have different laws or requirements. In Canada, for instance, you must have third-party liability insurance to drive. This type of insurance covers damages and medical expenses to other drivers. However, your own insurance will not pay for those costs if you cause an accident. Whether your car insurance coverage is adequate or inadequate will depend on the country and the rules of the road. If you plan to drive in Canada, you should check with the DMV to find out which policies are available in your country.

Most European car insurance policies offer coverage abroad if you are EU-based. If you are driving in the EU, you should have third-party liability coverage. This is compulsory in all EU countries. Third-party liability insurance covers damage to other people’s property. However, it doesn’t cover the costs of owning and operating a car. You can extend your coverage to first-party liability by purchasing additional insurance. In addition to third-party liability, first-party liability insurance will cover the cost of owning and maintaining your vehicle, and it also covers legal help in case you are in an accident.

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