Is Technology Taking Over Jobs?

In the tech world, there are two opposing visions of automation. One envisions the liberation of human labor by replacing sedentary and mundane tasks with the use of technology. The other envisions the complete replacement of human labor by machines that will take everyone’s jobs. What word do you want to use to describe this future? Listed below are some words that may come to mind. Read on to find out more.

“Bullshit Jobs” by David Graeber, anthropologist and anarchist activist, is an example of technologically-induced unemployment. Graeber laments the creation of countless “pointless” professions that no one needs. He cites a study of job loss in farming, industry, and tourism as an example. The job losses he references are directly related to automation.

In the tech world, automation takes place around jobs. Jobs are replaced by machines by a computerized process. The technology that drives these technologies can replace entire jobs, but there are a few exceptions. People still need jobs, so lawyers and paralegals will be in demand. However, the future workforce will need to undergo a similar transformation. And as technology continues to progress, it will also create new employment opportunities.

While human labor is gradually being replaced by computers, the job of typing is not going away. The jobs were once handled by typists and secretaries, but now computers type as you talk. Even telephones used to require a human operator, who had to move plugs into different jacks to make the calls. Now, computers handle all the switching. That means people are making less money. This trend has many negative implications, but it is a positive development for the future of employment.

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