Solvay’s Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) Tool

Solvay’s Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) tool helps to manage the company’s environmental performance Rarbgweb. It helps the company identify and implement sustainable business strategies, taking into account both financial and extra-financial criteria. It integrates these strategies holistically into the company’s strategic decision-making.

Solvay is one of the world’s leading producers of specialty chemicals and advanced materials. This tool helps the company steer toward environmentally sound solutions while maximizing its positive impact on society. It uses Life Cycle Impact Assessments to assess the environmental impacts of its production processes, and recently revised these methods Muctau. The company also worked with Quantis to conduct an independent expert review of their LCIA methodologies.

In 2016, Solvay debuted an integrated annual report that attempts to demonstrate the importance of non-financial and extra-financial capital. This integrated report also incorporates the company’s sustainability strategy into its overall performance. It aims to provide stakeholders with a holistic view of Solvay’s business, including its strategies to maintain its leadership position in the marketplace.

Solvay is committed to sustainability and has implemented the SPM approach to the management of its business portfolio Newshunttimes. The SPM process involves identifying, planning, and operationalizing sustainable business strategies. It takes into account both financial and extra-financial criteria in making strategy and operational decisions. This holistic approach to sustainability includes the sustainability strategies in all business processes.

The company has developed a sustainability programme, called Solvay One Planet, based on three principles: protect the climate, protect natural resources, and foster a better life for future generations. This strategy aims to decouple the use of finite resources from business growth, produce safer and cleaner products, and adopt circular practices

The Solvay sustainability program outlines ambitious targets for 2030. The sustainability program is an integral part of the Solvay Group’s G.R.O.W. strategy and outlines reallocated investments in sustainability. By 2035, the company aims to make the sustainable portfolio 65 percent of its sales. The company is also working towards gender parity in its senior and mid-level management, and diversity and inclusion in the workforce


Solvay has a long history of reporting its GHG emissions. The RCF will be linked to Solvay’s GHG reduction targets, which are publicly disclosed and subject to independent assurance. The RCF interest rate will be linked to Solvay’s performance against its targets, with a credit if it meets its interim GHG targets and a penalty if it doesn’t meet its targets.

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