What Is a Website?

A Website is a web-based information resource that can be accessed using a computer or other device connected to the Internet. It worddocx contains a number of digital documents, including text, images, and video or audio files, and is written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

A website’s content is delivered to users through a web browser. The content is stored on a web server, which processes requests made hdxwallpaper by a web browser and returns the information in response.

Different kinds of websites exist for different purposes, and the information contained within a website can vary depending on its telesup intended audience. A business website may be geared towards selling products or services, while an informational website can provide practical advice and tips to its readers.

Generally, the content of a website is happn organized into sections and sub-sections called pages. Each page is a single HTML document that is linked to other pages via hyperlinks. A navigation bar is usually displayed on every page to allow users to easily move around the website’s structure.

The two most important parts of a website are the domain name and the web hosting. The domain name is the identifier that roobytalk your website visitors will type into their browser to access it, and the web hosting is where your web pages are actually hosted.


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