Where Can I Get the Latest Technology News on a Daily Basis?

Keeping up with the latest developments in technology is crucial, but how can you know what to look for? This article explores where you can find the latest news on the topic on a daily basis. The information is one of the leading business and technology sites and features high-quality journalists and content. The site is also great for technology-related stories, from the latest innovations in biotechnology to the hottest new smartphones.

The MIT Technology Review publishes six newsletters devoted to technology, including one that summarizes the day’s top stories. It’s also recommended for journalists who are interested in emerging tech and the role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays in the world. WIRED also publishes a daily newsletter, ‘The Email from WIRED’, which delivers news at noon on a weekday. The TLDR newsletter is a short digest of the week’s top stories, but you can subscribe to both.

Another wonder by Pete Rojas, launched in 2004, has been a leader in tech news for a decade. Its content covers everything from new mobile phones to NASA tech. Gizmodo, part of Gawker Media, also offers reviews on wearables, drones, and smartphones. And while it’s not always the most authoritative source, it still manages to attract a wide audience.

The Information is another popular tech news website, but the staff has made sure to capture the latest news from outside the tech industry. Other Valleys is another free tech newsletter, which mixes politics, economics, and technology. Anjali Ramachandran has curated a wide range of interesting links in the newsletter. She also writes a popular podcast called Hot Pod, which covers live TV and cord-cutting.

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