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Why is it That for One Size Clothing is Different in Every Store?

I’ve noticed that ONE SIZE clothing is not the same in all stores. There are some brands that only carry certain sizes. Brandy Melville, for example, has one size only if you are petite and small-chested. Then there are other brands that cater to smaller-waisted girls. I don’t understand how one size clothing can be so different in every store.

It’s no secret that today’s modern woman jumps between sizes and struggles to find the perfect fit. As a result, she co-founded True Fit, a website that enables shoppers to find the correct size across thousands of brands. As the market became brand-centric, sizing systems changed as well. While many brands have a standard size chart, others don’t.

Another problem is that men and women are sold different sizes. Women typically wear three sizes. Men typically wear between two sizes. Since sizes vary so widely, the size disparity is likely a factor in high return rates, particularly in the multi-brand stores. Women tend to wear three sizes, while men generally go between two sizes. Despite this, women return clothes more often than men, and if they don’t try them on, they end up sending them back for a refund.

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Why is it that for one size clothing is so different in every store? While it’s true that every size of clothing is not the same, there is one thing that shouldn’t be wrong with that. One size doesn’t fit every woman. No matter how small or big you are, there’s no one size that fits all. And that’s the best way to find a good fit.

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